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Protease from AM

Protease from AM has passed the audit of ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005,Kosher, Halal etc. Protease from Aspergillus melleus has a strong ability to break down proteins, which is widely used in food, medical, brewing, washing, silk, leather and other industries.

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Product Description


Our alkaline protease has already reached the Pharmaceutical Grade and exporting standard by using membrane separation technology and vacuum freeze-drying technology to control microbial and improve the purity of enzyme activity.
Protease from AM has passed the audit of ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005,Kosher, Halal etc. Established advanced enzyme analysis & detective equipment,focus on environment protection,persistent on research & development of natural enzyme products to ensure safety and non-toxic,to make sure that our product can reach the national and exporting standard.
The working temperature is 30-55 ℃, and pH range is 5.5-10.0


(supplying formulations based on customer requirements)

product name Forms Enzyme Activity
Alkaline protease powder 500,000u/g
liquid 500,000u/g

1.Meat flavor: good flavour, palatedfullness, no bitterness.
2.Bone protein and chondroitin processing: avoiding the harmful by-products brings from pH-shifting hydrolysis.
3.Collagen: moderately hydrolyzedfish the collagen of skin&scales or pork gelatin,  produce 1000-3000 molecular weight collagen, non-bitter, slightly sweet.
4.Washing industry: strong decontamination, sterilization and disinfection, safe, adding protease in detergents can be helpful to remove the dirty,sweat,blood easily.
5.Feed processing: improve feed efficiency , reduce costs, increase appetite, promote animal growth
6.Textile Industry: The tensile degrees of The enzyme-treated wool is higher than the conventional methods treated one, soft ,zero shrinkage; also can be used for silkworm degumming and silk refining.

The optimal dosage of enzyme added into production should follow  the specific produce circumstances, please feel free to email us or call us.

25kg per drum.
the shelf life is 24 months.
This product is very sensitive to temperature, light and humidity. It should avoid exposure, high temperature, humidity, keep clean, cool, dry and cryogenic storage during transportation and storage.

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